A tal solo 1 hora de la capital


This is our basecamp, so we are full available

Where should you arrive?

Madrid is the best airport destination


An amazing destination in the center of Spain

What are we going to do?
First of all, we all are here to make your being as funniest as possible.
We are going to be together 5 days and we NEED you those days filled with bike and fun.
We have choosen 4 days of wonderful routes, we are sure you are going to enjoy at all.
Also, we have selected some activities to get some taste of local surrounding when you move your butts from the bike seat. Be welcome!

3 Star hotel with 4 swimming pool, 1500 sq. Spa, located near la sierra de Madrid is just 30 min far from Segovia and 40 min for Avila. Madrid Int. Airport is just 100 km far. Free Wifi…

Guadarrama is Northwest of Madrid (Spain). It ́s a very popular holidays spot for madrileños (Madrid ́s citizens). Its surroundings are full of mountains which makes a big pleasure to bikers, mountaineers and nature lovers. It ́s highest peak is Peñalara with 2.428 meters above sea level. This full area is called Sierra de Guadarrama and is the last National Park created in Spain, which it ́s the highest level of protection given in Spain for a natural area. It ́s an area full of pines trees. Just 1 hour far from Madrid will be situated our headquarter, so we´ll find a huge MTB possibilities.

This trip is focused to make during Fall. We recommend it from September to middle December or Spring time. We ́ll find nice weather during such dates. With natural sunlight until 18:00-19:00 (longer during Spring time). Weather is warm, it could rain but mostly should be sunny, hardly we will find temperature below 0oC and snow. Except late November, when days will be shorter and chiller. Our recomendation; short or first layer pant, t-shirt and a thin jacket for first chilly mornings hours or top of the mountains startings. No matter about it, it ́s our base camp, so feel free if you want to try this wonderful spot with us in different dates.


From 595€ / Person

5 days accommodation/ 4 days of activities

What´s included?

Full board
Breakfast and dinner is at hotel, meal depending of route, could be at hotel or picnic.
4 days titulated guide.
Small group (not more than 8 person)
Transport from and to hotel all biking days when it ́s necessary. Just start on . 5 days accommodation, 4 biking days

Not included

Shuttle from and to airport/train station. We can arrange this service, please ask. Because you may come from different airports, flights, we decided make this as an extra.
All the extra expenses at hotel.
All of our prices are calculated on the basis of two people sharing a Bungalow. There are some different bungalow types, so you just tell us your group and we will fit it.
No bikers, please ask.
Extra activities.
We have bike rental, please ask about it, if you need a bike or don ́t want to bring yours.
No insurance, no bike tour!!!


Day 1 (This is an idea, we can change the tour as request or group level)

Ready for action? First thing we ́ll do it ́s grapping the car and go uphill. Puerto de Navacerrada will be our destination (20 min), 1,880 mts height. From there we ́ll make two descents (Whistler and La Sal). First one is one of the most common dh path for madrid ́s locals. It “seems” to be in a small-Whistler, so we are sure it would be a good way to warm you up. It ́s a 30 minutes dh route, but before getting Cercedilla town, we ́ll pedal a little to gain 100 meters of elevation and make the first stage of Spanish Enduro Championship called Big Ride. In 2012 Jerome Clementz made in just 3 minutes, we will not beat him. Mortals let ́s try to make it in 5!!
Let ́s pedal for a while, we ́ll change valley and get into Fuenfria. We ́ll be pedalling close to 50 minutes in a singletrack, going down and up all the time until getting Fuenfria Valley. Then we ́ll go up and make a couple of classic Madrid ́s Enduro routes, Ducha de los Alemanes, Senda Genaro, Sendero Flow. wwwoowww…Flat out!. Finising more or less at 14:30-15:00 time for beers and some relax.

Day 2

We will reach the bottom of Puerto de Abantos, many lines rise from top of the mountain to the place where we start our route. Today is going to be a hard day with close to 1.600 negative and positive ramp. Views of Madrid and El Escorial will be amazing as well as the route, refugio de la naranjera, Abantos, la lápida, vascos… and Valle de los Caidos (picture).

Day 3

What do you want to try? Patones (popular destination for Enduro riders in Madrid, specially during Winter), La Adrada, it has held more than 4 national races over there with a huge amount of trails. All of them are possibilities with our van from our base camp…just tell us what you like or want for and we will find the best trail for it!!!

Day 4

There are many options, all the above are just ideas, so do not hesitate, we have the perfect plan for you!! Tell us your preferences and we will find the track that you need.


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