From 1 to 4 March


Sierra de Málaga (Ojén)


4 o 2 days

Race will be from March 1st to 4th, 2018. Race will have its starting point every day in the beautiful town of Ojén. New tracks are coming to this edition so, we are sure that all the participants will be surprised.


We will have will 4 specials per day and will have a predominantly descending route, rides will have a shuttle per day so at the end of the day we add more downhill than uphill … but we still have to climb. Do not despair the times of links are soooo relaxed and nobody last year penalized a total of 16 specials. NOPE! in this case unlike in the “normal” editions of Endurama there is no No Stress version.


It will exclude race option of 4 days or 2 days.


Of course, we will have a final meal, where we can tell the best anecdotes about the well-deserved Beer.

  • 2 or 4 days registration.
  • Accidente insurance
  • Dairy shuttle.
  • After racing healthy and powerful meal.
  • Complete feeding zone in race.
  • Professional timing and taping.
  • Blind race, same opportunities to everyone.
  • New tracks, new destination everyday is a new race for everyone.
  • Sanitary point in race.
  • Dairy video report.
  • Photo services.

380€ full pack

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