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Where the tropics merge with Europe. Madeira is an island belonging to Portugal with an incredible meteorology. The destination airport is located in Funchal, the capital of the island located to the south of it.

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Finale Ligure

What about Finale Ligure? In the Enduro World Series calendar from the outset, previously in the Italian Superenduro Series, it is not only a top-notch mtb destination, but also its beaches, culture and restaurants are worth a visit.

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Cabo de Gata

Cabo de Gata is southeast Spain located. Is one of dryest place in Europe. With a semidesert clima, we chose this are because it has best weather in winter.

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Guadarrama is Northwest of Madrid (Spain). It ́s a very popular holidays spot for madrileños (Madrid ́s citizens). Its surroundings are full of mountains which makes a big pleasure to bikers, mountaineers and nature lovers.

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